Hyperrogue Wiki
Apparently a princess is kept locked somewhere, but you won't ever find her in this hyperbolic palace. So better just to concentrate on collecting treasure. Beware the traps, and the guards who are hard to kill!

Treasure required: 30$$$.

The Palace is an intermediate realm with many walls, gates, and trapdoors. The gates can be opened and closed with green and red pressure plates, respectively, when the player or a monster walks on them. Monsters can also be crushed if they are trapped between the gates as it closes.

Monsters can be pushed over an open trapdoor and will fall and die. A monster stunned while standing on a closed trapdoor will fall and die on the next turn. This can be exploited to kill Skeletons, which are otherwise unkillable (they only get stunned).

If you find yourself on a gate tile when the gate closes, you will be standing on the gate. From there you can jump to either side, so it can be an escape strategy: if you lead a monster onto a red closing plate when you are on the gate, it will be blocked but you will be able to jump off the other side.

Viziers cannot be attacked directly, but running away from them while they are standing next to you will hurt them. When a Vizier is killed, the Palace Quest is activated, in which the player follows a mouse to a prison cell and rescues the Princess trapped inside.


Guard (Palace Guard, Fat Guard)


Hypersian Rug
Orb of Discord
Orb of Frog


Gate (Open Gate, Closed Gate)
Plate (Opening Plate, Closing Plate)