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The Overgrown Woods is a densely-forested area unlocked by collecting 60 treasure, 10 of which must be Rubies. The main feature of this land is the very fast-growing Mutant Ivy, each branch of which can grow one tile longer every turn, although each segment can only sprout once every 16 turns. Left unchecked, a Mutant Ivy will quickly choke up all open areas it can reach in short order.

Killing the root of a Mutant Ivy will reveal a collectible Mutant Sapling, the treasure of this land. Once 5 Mutant Saplings are collected, the Clearing sub-region becomes accessible from within this land.


Mutant Ivy

Forest Troll


Mutant Sapling - obtained by killing Mutant Ivy.

Orb of Luck


Due to the astonishing speed at which Mutant Ivy grows, it is best to avoid staying out in open areas as much as possible. In open areas, the Mutant Ivy will quickly create a large number of branches and surround the player in a short time. Instead, find single-tile wide corridors or small enclosed spaces where only a single branch can grow towards you; hacking off the active tip will temporarily stop its growth until the next cycle. Use the occasional Forest Troll to block off passages from incoming Ivy, if you're trying to fight one Ivy while another is growing towards you from behind.