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Galápagos is the land of Tortoises. They are very slow, which allows the Dragons to pick on them by stealing and eating their young. Bring the Baby Tortoises back, but, there is a catch: the Tortoises come in many varieties, depending on the part of Galápagos they live in -- there are 21 binary environmental factors, and thus 2097152 varieties. You'll have to find a Tortoise which matches the baby exactly!

Tortoises move each 3 turns, and attacks only stun them.

Bringing back a Baby Tortoise counts as 5 $$$. The more factors agree in the given location of Galápagos, the brighter it is shown on your screen.

The Galápagos is a land unlocked by rescuing a Baby Tortoise from the Dragon Chasms. Once inside, all exits will lead to the Dragon Chasms.

The goal of this land is to return a Baby Tortoise to its family. This land consists of regions that vary in 21 characteristics, which correspond to the 21 characteristics of the Baby Tortoise. Fortunately, the game helps with tracking how many of these characteristics match by rendering regions that have more matches in a brighter color, and regions that have less matches in a darker color. Hovering over a region will reveal how many matches there are. Once a matching region has been found, a small number of matching Tortoises (usually just one, rarely two or more), marked with a white circle underneath, may appear. Once you return the Baby Tortoise to one of these matching Tortoises, you will be awarded with 5 Baby Tortoise treasures, and the Tortoise will become friendly. (The other Tortoises will remain hostile, though.) Occasionally you may need to find a different region with the same characteristics if none of the Baby Tortoise's family members are spawned.

The other tortoises that occupy the land are very slow: they only move once every 3 turns. But they cannot be killed or pushed, and the player may get surrounded if he is not careful. They are not regarded as monsters, and will not add to the kill score even if the player finds a way of destroying them. The in-game text describes them as simply "annoyed" at dragons kidnapping their babies.